Michelle Basta Speers, Owner & Instructor


  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Personal Trainer,  National Strength & Conditioning Association and ACE
  • Certified Health Coach, ACE
  •  Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Certified Bodybuilding Specialist, ISSA
  • Member: American College of Sports Medicine, NSCA, IDEA, ACE, ISSA


Triathlons, Marathons and Ultra-running

Bootcamp/Outdoor Fitness

Core Training

Kids Fitness

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Strength Training 

Older Adult Fitness

Functional Training

Walking Programs

Women's Fitness

Our Instructors

Lisa Arms

ACE-Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Certified by USA Gymnastics

Teaches adult and kid classes

Christina Campbell-Vivrito

NESTA-Certified Personal Trainer

Interval Training Instructor

Allan Hennessy

Cardio Dance Instructor

Kanan Boubion

Certified by USA Gymnastics

Kids' Classes Instructor

Robin Stonesifer

Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance Instructor

Daniel Snowdale

Certified by USA Gymnastics

Kids' Classes Instructor