Wrightwood Fitness is here to support you in your endeavor to become a healthier, happier more confident version of yourself. With 20-plus years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Michelle leads the charge in this special program designed to help you identify and overcome obstacles and challenges in your journey to physical and psychological wellness. 

During this eight-week program, all classes on the Wrightwood Fitness schedule will be open and available to you, and we'll hold one hour-long behavior change/nutrition interactive lecture per week, which will be at the studio on Tuesdays at 7p. You'll also have weekly "homework," designed to provide you with tools and strategies to recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and create new, healthier lifestyle habits.

Terms of Participation: Pay the required deposit prior to the registration deadline (January 25). Between February 4 and March 29:

  • Attend a minimum of two workout classes per week
  • Attend the lecture on Tuesday evenings
  • Turn in assigned homework

All participants who meet these requirements will be refunded their deposits IN FULL at the end of the program. 

Please feel free to reach out to Michelle with any questions you may have about this program. Call or text her at 626/731-1359, email her at or come by the studio.