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Personal Training and Body Composition Analysis in
Wrightwood, California

New adventures await!


Although the studio has closed, Michelle is still available as a resource for your health, wellness and fitness goals. Contact her for info on training, nutrition counseling and behavior change, as well as personalized workout plans. Stay tuned as she works to bring you fitness classes and community support in a new setting!

THE InBody 570

State-of-the-Art Body Composition Analysis


We are excited to provide medical-grade body composition testing at the studio. For more information, click below or visit our Body Composition Analysis page on this website.

The Difference Between BMI & Body Composition


Both types of measurements have their benefits and drawbacks, and how you use them to measure your fitness progress depends on your starting point and goals.

What We Do Can Do Together

Resources for Health & Well-Being

High-Protein Recipes


We know protein is an essential part of your diet, especially when trying to build lean mass. Check out these ideas for how to get more tasty protein into your meal plan.

How to Boost Your Immune System


 Check out these general healthy-living strategies for effective ways to give your immune system the upper hand.

The Amazing Benefits of Exercise


You’ve probably heard more times than you can count that you need to exercise. But do you really know why? For starters, here are seven reasons!

Elements of a Well Balanced Workout Routine


Fitness training balances five elements of good health. Make sure your routine includes aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility and stretching.

Training Tips for Improving Body Composition


New research on resistance training shows that some methods are more effective than others for building muscle and decreasing fat. Here we look at a few tips to optimize your training methods and help you improve overall body composition. 

How Reduce your Sugar Intake and Stay Sane


Cutting sugar out of your diet is one strategy to lose weight and feel healthier, but it can be a tough transition. Here are 8 tips to go sugar-free without going crazy!


Podcast of the Month: The Truth About Essential Oils

Essential Oils - and their claims - are huge right now. But is it all hype, or is there something special about these little brown bottles? To get to the bottom of it, we dig through the studies and speak to cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Rachel Herz and psychologist Prof. Mark Moss.

TED Talk: Sleep is Your Superpower

Sleep is your life-support system and Mother Nature's best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker.  Learn more about sleep's impact on your learning, memory, immune system and even your genetic code -- as well as some helpful tips for getting some shut-eye.