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About Us

 My name is Michelle Basta Speers, and fitness and well-being of the mind, body and spirit are my passions. In April of 2016, Wrightwood Fitness was established to provide a way for the folks in our town to join together in health and exercise. We started with just a couple of classes per week and outgrew our morning schedule. Thanks to community support  and ongoing requests for additional classes and times, we decided it was time to open our own location. We're excited to offer a wide range of classes and formats for all ages and abilities.
We look forward having you as a member of our fitness family!



Wrightwood Fitness has partnered with Cordera Family Childcare to offer parents with young children a safe, convenient and affordable option for babysitting while working out. This off-site location is close to the studio, and for a $7 drop-in fee, you can leave your child for 90 minutes, which allows plenty of time to drop off, work out and pick up your child. Call or text Cortney at 760/646-2905 for more information or to confirm space. 

What We Do

Support and Strengthen

Move, laugh, share. 

Together we are stronger.

Enhance Health and Fitness

Building healthier bodies, inside and out.

Improve Well-Being

Happiness follows health.

Resources for Health & Well-Being

Healthy Versions of Comfort Foods

Craving pizza or French fries? Learn how to create healthier options with Devin Alexander,  Michelle's friend and colleague. 

Learn How

Bone Health & Plant-Based Diets

Are you getting enough calcium and Vitamin D in your plant-based diet? 

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Feeling Tired?

Six reasons why you might be more tired than you should be. Check out this quick read by Michelle's friend and colleague Carey Rossi.

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Mental Health in your Fitness Space

Struggling with body image or feeling insecure in exercise class? You're not alone. Learn how to overcome these issues for better mental health and fitness.

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Exercise Guidelines

How much do you need? What types of activity are best? Get the answers here!

Find out

Want to burn more calories? Eat breakfast!

New research suggests that eating breakfast could prime the body to burn carbohydrates during exercise and more rapidly metabolize foods after working out.

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Podcast of the Month: Hormones and Fitness

In this 20-minute podcast takes a look at a number of hormones and their effects on our body’s health and fitness. Hormones play a part in a number of physiological reactions in the body including energy metabolism, tissue growth, and hydration levels, so we can begin to see how important they really are.

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TEDTalks: Why is Exercise Harder for Some People?

It's a question that's plagued researchers for years: Why do some people struggle more than others to lose or maintain weight? In this 14-minute talk, social psychologist Emily Balcetis discusses research that looks at how vision—literally what you see—can affect your view of diet and exercise.

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Exercise classes in Wrightwood

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